Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Friendship Update

I remember Patrick (Paddy) who wanted to form a reggae band with me even though neither of us could play an instrument (I had a Bontempi organ though).

I remember Stephen. His family came from Sheffield/Rotherham way. One day I called for him to ask if he could come out to play. His Mum answered the door and told me, ‘No, we’re having us teas’.

I remember Mark and listening to The Faust Tapes and Camembert Electrique on his brother’s hi-fi.

I remember Philip who died too young of Motor Neurone Disease.

I remember Helen Cowling who was friends with Susan Gittins.

I remember James Threakall and the British Rail national timetable that we found stuffed in his garden hedge.

James Threakall lived here.