Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Friendship Update

I remember Patrick (Paddy) who wanted to form a reggae band with me even though neither of us could play an instrument (I had a Bontempi organ though).

I remember Stephen. His family came from Sheffield/Rotherham way. One day I called for him to ask if he could come out to play. His Mum answered the door and told me, ‘No, we’re having us teas’.

I remember Mark and listening to The Faust Tapes and Camembert Electrique on his brother’s hi-fi.

I remember Philip who died too young of Motor Neurone Disease.

I remember Helen Cowling who was friends with Susan Gittins.

I remember James Threakall and the British Rail national timetable that we found stuffed in his garden hedge.


  1. Garrie Butterton was the only one not to get MND instead suffering from a heart attack. His siblings however Sue first then Philip and finally Barrie all suffered and passed from mnd.

  2. Thanks for putting me straight on this Lauren - I knew that so many of your family (and the people that I knew as a kid) fell to MND which might account for my confusion. I'm sorry I got it wrong.