Friday, 21 April 2017

'From Phoenix'

These are a series of chalk drawings I photographed on Tuesday 11 April. They ran all along the path around Priory Close. 

I can't pretend to understand these drawings - the words, the kings and queens, the patterns (paths, houses?), the (self?) portraits - but what does that matter? The children who did them were probably occupied for much of the day, and for reasons that are essentially unfathomable to the adult mind. It was probably a one-off, spontaneous thing to do, with just a few found chalks. It probably started with one thing and then randomly extended along the path. I like to imagine that they would have been happy in the moment doing this, making their mark on the estate, making the spaces their own. When it rains, these drawings will get washed away. Then they might try to do it again, although it won't feel quite the same as on that first day because they planned it. They might never do it again.