Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Phoscos

The Phosco P107 lampposts that sprung up across the estate as it was being completed in 1964 are all now slowly disappearing, being replaced by some skinny interlopers, one of which you can see lurking at the back of this photo: 

Altogether, there are twelve Phoscos left, and these photographs are intended to document them before they are completely lost.

In a post-right to buy estate-scape, where residents have been allowed to put up their own fences, this one has ended up inside a back garden:

This one has suffered the fate of being hybridised:

CU Phosco Ltd are still going strong in that postwar county stronghold of the council estate and new town, Hertfordshire. They still make external lighting of all kinds, including the P107. It would be nice if they could be maintained on the Middlefield Lane estate as part of the original designed fabric of the estate.