Tuesday, 19 January 2016

The same, a week later ...

Plan for a book:

Middlefield: The History and Meaning of a 1960s Council Estate

1. Conceptions of the postwar council estate
Social change and the development of the council estate after WW2
Intellectual views
Professional views
The family home

2. Scale and development 
The financing of the postwar council estate
Postwar council estates and the city
Regional variations – council estates in town and country

3. Planners, developers and architects
Local Authorities and planners
The Architect
Town plans and densities
The council estate builder

4. The Anatomy of the Middlefield Lane estate
Dwelling types
Architectural styles
The Shops
Traffic and the car
Outdoor Space and the community

5. The People of Middlefield
Socio-demographics of original tenants
Use of the estate and its environs
Demographic change and decay

6. Cultural contexts
Cultural visions of the postwar council estate in the contemporary past
Space, Place and Everyday Life at Middlefield
Memory, nostalgia and the past in the present
Myth and representation
Characterising Middlefield’s landscape

7. Conclusion: Preserving Middlefield

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