Friday, 2 October 2015

Back to the Future 2: Sharing

Last Wednesday, on another beautiful end-of-September morning, I was on the Middlefield Lane estate putting up posters to advertise the next stage of the Back to the Future project. On Friday 9 October, at 7pm, I'll be there again, along with Kate Genever, Steve Pool and the LOV team. After our 3 day visit to the estate in the summer we made a film which we plan to share with the residents as a large-scale projection onto the gable ends of the houses there. We're also showing some wonderful drone aerial footage of the estate so that people can play 'spot our house', and we also plan to hook up a Playstation to the projector so that the kids (young and old) there can play FIFA on a huge scale. Bearing in mind that I can barely get Mario from one stage to another, it should be fun.

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