Back to the Future 1965-2015-2016

BACK TO THE FUTURE 1965-2015-2016
Middlefield Lane estate, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire

Kate Genever and Steve Pool – aka The Poly-Technic. 
Dr Ian Waites – University of Lincoln.
Alice White – LOV young peoples project.

Programme of events

Dream House. 10/11/12 August:
Onsite activity and actions to take place on the green spaces across the estate. A 1960’s dolls house with furniture and a life-size set of a front room will be moved around the estate and be made available for play, for starting conversation and photography. 
Tours will be led by ex-resident Ian Waites who will share stories of the estate and its past. Perhaps current residents will want to share their special memories and places - creating new tours for others to join?

Sharing: [September - date to be confirmed]
Images and films created during the Dream House work in August will be shared with residents as large-scale digital projections - onto estate buildings.

Poly-Math Residency: [October  - date to be confirmed]
An opportunity will be made available for an artist [or possibly 2] to undertake a short residency on the estate. This residency will be supported by The Poly-Technic and will involve the artist working in close alliance with residents and site. Further details to follow.

Film Festival at the Trinity Arts Centre, Gainsborough: [November  - date to be confirmed]
Using the work created and with the Middlefield Lane Estate as a theme, a free-to-all one day film festival of films relating to council estates and childhood will be shown at the Trinity Arts Centre. The films will include the Dream House work, local archive footage, and independent/commercial films and documentaries that centre on council estate environments, such as Fish Tank and Gregory’s Girl. A large-scale projection on the front of the Trinity Arts Centre will also form part of the event.

A new house just like the old house, only NEW!: [Spring 2016 – dates to be confirmed]
The group will temporarily occupy one of the houses on the estate and create a pop-up ‘Back to the Future show home’ by ‘restoring’ some of the interior spaces back to how a typical home might have looked in 1966. The house will be open for visitors and will be used as a communal exhibition space. It will commemorate the history of the estate, provide space for artistic interventions and workshops - possibly theatre based - for residents young and old.