Saturday, 5 April 2014

The death of a council estate

What does a council estate mean anymore? What are they worth? Glasgow City Council want to demolish the notable 60s high-rise estate, Red Road, for sheer, mindless, boosterist entertainment, as part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. This is so sad because it is a clear indication of the cheap and shitty state our society is in at this moment - the almost gleefully prejudiced, ritualised destruction of the post-WW2 social ideal. Watch this video of one of the blocks being demolished and think about all the people who have lived there, and who planned for their future there, and see how easy this all falls down:

There's an excellent piece about this by Fraser Macdonald here which quietly rages against this sorry situation in more eloquent terms than I could ever manage. If you agree with the sentiments there, you can fight back against this wanton destruction by signing the petition against this destructive spectacle here.

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